The Air-Mech-Strike Study Group (AMS-SG) sent one its staff members, LT Mike Sparks USAR to the United Kingdom to speak on Future 2D/3D Land Force designs and plans!

His Presentation:

How to build 2D/3D Optmized Forces for decisive Strategic Maneuver

IQPC Defense's Future Land forces Conference November 28-29, 2002 in London, England

PDF brocure of the event


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Downtown London

Kensington Park Area

London Science & Technology Museum

After the conference he was invited to Italy to drive ARIS SPA's ocean-amphibious M113 "Aris Gator" or as we call it the "Amphigavin".


M113A3 Amphigavin: AMS Triple Threat: from air, land or sea!


The AMS-SG conducted a 2-day Future Armored Vehicle seminar on behalf of the Technology Training Corporation of El Segundo CA. The seminars took place in Washington D.C. on 29-30th January and 26-27th March 2001.

These technology-based seminars were given by the AMS-SG over two days. The audience were predominately technical specialists, program managers, product managers and system specialists, mainly from industry. Government research establishments, other defence establishments and the armed forces were alsorepresented.

The AMS-SG spoke from material that they develop and retain ownership of. TTC reproduced the material only in the quantity needed for attendees, the instructor and the programme manager. TTC prepared the seminar brochure from the draft material (key points or critical issues, seminar outline and resume) that the instructor provides, and will assume all expenses of advertising, publicity and seminar production.

The format of the seminars were 2 days of instruction lasting 6 hours a day and requiring about 100 slides of material per day, with 2 speakers (Major Chuck Jarnot and LT Mike Sparks).

The emphasis in these seminars was on the latest developments, programs, trends and technologies in the field of Armored Vehicles. The agenda included:


* Implications of the Medium Force "Transformation" on missions, requirements and procurement
* Equipment selection and design issues (e.g. tracked vs wheels)
* Current and Future Vehicle Programs
* Developing and countering advanced armors
* Active protection for Armored vehicles
* Emerging weapon systems
* Battlefield digitization
* New approaches in vehicle design and integration (e.g. all-electric, robotics)
* The Future Combat system
* Near and far-term market opportunities

The courses were not intended to be academic in nature although the speakers were able to address questions of a more technical nature.


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