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An example of making-your-enemies-into-your-friends was the turn-around the Turkish government had after WWI. Legendary leader Ataturk had some amazing things to say in regards to the Australian and New Zealand Soldiers who died in the failed Gallipoli ampibious invasion (consider USMC BS that amphib ops never fail).

"Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives...! You are now lying in the soul of a friendly country, therefore rest in peace. There is no differences between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours...

You, the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears. Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well."

--ATATURK, (1934).

Love is Hate

Awhile back, I was in an Army reserve unit where I found myself quarreling constantly with a fellow officer who was female. As this went on, the enlisted people would give me and her the strangest looks. I could hear their whispered remarks; "they argue like an old married couple", "why don't you get a room and get it over with?".

Apparently they saw something both of us did not want to admit.

Finally a friend of mine a NCO said, "you two should get married!"

I didn't think it was funny.

Months passed and she had left the unit, finally---I had a very realistic dream. In the dream, I went up to her and said; "You know, the problem I have with you is that I LOVE YOU, and your problem is YOU LOVE ME, TOO." She was stunned, began to cry and admitted it was true.

It was sort of like the beautiful scene in the movie "Stranger than Fiction" where Will Farrell, the IRS tax collector is playing the guitar at the home of Maggie G playing an IRS-hating socially-conscious do-gooder who runs a bakery shop, except my dream was interrupted. Video clip:

After I woke up--as seems to happen with great dreams and my conscious mind became alerted to the fact that actually I LOVE HER and that neither her or I hate each other, so I from that moment on, my rage against her stopped.

Readers who are soap opera lovers may inquire who the mystery woman officer is and if I ever told her, and the answer is she hasn't been told by me. I left out some details so you cannot guess who she is and tell her. I have vowed that if fate/destiny ever has her cross my path again I'll tell her then on the spot. I expect her to be angry and rude immediately upon seeing me so my revelation will come as a shock.

So you might think this is just a cute story and cautionary tale about women and men in uniform and it is--men and women ARE going to fall in love with each other in the service and to deny this that they can somehow be robot lemming "professionals" is a pile of establishment brain-washing bunk. However, there is more to this--hate is actually a form of LOVE and the two are the same.

Essentially, what hate is is LOVE that is unhappy with a condition in the other object, person or even entire nations. Let's face it. The Soviet Communists made all kinds of cool shit. The AK47, the T34 medium tank, their whole dropping light tanks by aircraft--you name it. What we intensely disliked is that they didn't believe in God and went around imprisoning and torturing millions of people. If you doubt this supposition that HATE IS LOVE FRUSTRATED, look at all the people and web pages who admire the WW2 German army, you'd never think they incinerated a Jew in any oven! They did all kinds of cool shit, they just did it all for a cause of evil, redirect them to a moral cause and VOILA! you have Germany today.

So now we come to the topic you know was coming, and perhaps don't want to conclude with; militant Islam. The facts are that we admire the religious devotion of our avowed enemies, we just don't tolerate them trying to pour their beliefs down our throats nor accept their take on God. However, the truth of the matter is we both actually LOVE EACH OTHER but are frustrated with each other, they dislike our corrupt materialism and they are right about it. Since the ultimate goal in WAR is to make your enemy into your friend, maybe there is a possibility of resolving our differences? Maybe, maybe not. In the case of my former fellow officer, I have decided that it'd be better to let time heal all wounds and let the anger die down instead of seeking out a confrontation. I think the same is true with militant Islam as it was true with Soviet communism--contain them from attacking us, work on our own faults and if the other side refuses to change their social ills, they will implode or they will change and the need to fight and kill eachother in war will end. There may not be a happy ending in either myself and my secretly loved lover-in-denial, nor with the Russians or the vastly different Islamics becoming our friends, but its the right thing to hope for it and want it. For in the final analysis, the real common enemy is DEATH--and the forces of supernatural evil are our actual foes and if they arrive in the garb of an alleged extra-terrestrial "flying saucer" then we all need to defend eachother as fellow human beings and not be taken in by the deception ala the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY.

The moral of this story is to realize the person you hate might be someone you actually love but have problems with them in some way, not that they are "trash" or "scum" that needs to be destroyed. No one is trash, not even Adolph Hitler. I seem to recall he was a pretty good artist yet a bunch of snobs rejected him and made a sociopath. The tragedy is if we are not careful with our hate, even people--who are all made in God's image---can go to hell and this is why "Jesus Wept". Death is not good or necessary, maybe someday God will remove its curse from us all, I sure hope so. In the mean time, I try not to hate anyone more than I have to.

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