Canadian LAV-III 8x8 armored car the U.S. Army wants to buy so it can run over mines like the BTR depicted here

In the past, we could count on the press to salivate when hearing about government corruption and stupidity - even just alleged corruption and stupidity because we had a generation of idealists in the '60s-70s who thought they could make government honest. Today the press is populated by moral cowards who want a comfortable living.

But what we're seeing now is a mainly, even if not entirely, complacent press content to docilely go to DOD press briefings, pick up their daily press releases, and write about how wonderful it all is. We're not sure exactly what's all behind it, but we suggest four things, at least:

1. The U.S. military is still resentful of press reporting during the war in Viet Nam, and has moved to control what they learn. The military got away w/ it in Desert Storm when the public clearly didn't give a dam about press restrictions. The press realizes that the military can control their access to information.

2. Now that we have a All Volunteer Force military, the press rarely knows much about the military because they have never served in uniform; and most people are reluctant to start on a subject on which they are ignorant. Even though we all know what armored cars are, most are easily fooled when they are given a sexy label---so when CSA General Shinseki made his unwise decision to buy "Interim Armored Vehicles", this got a lot of positive press attention even though anyone with military experience would know these are inadequate for combat.

3. Most journals are now owned by conglomerates and these conglomerates are interested in "the bottom line," only. The former important role of the press in our country, a watchdog over government folly and corruption, is of small importance to the CEOs. Criticizing the military might even have a negative effect on profits, especially if it irritated anyone in DOD and restricted future access.

4. Most reporters want to be "respectable" and "mainstream"---you can't hold down a high-paying job if you "bite the hand that feeds you". So in a nutshell, our press has lost sight of its calling and have become soft and corrupt corporate "yes men" to the government.

Do you realize the implications of what we are saying?

IF the military/DoD do not get it right on their own power (not likely)----the nation is doomed.

There is no one to "blow the whistle" on them intelligently on misguided plans BEFORE we have a national disaster, when the press realizes it...it will be too late and obvious! Kind of like the 9/11 terror attacks!

People in the press want a comfortable middle-class lifestyle--thus they will not risk it by reporting controversial news.

This means our only chance of survival is somehow getting good people to command in our military--not likely!