Ranger Rick's teaching tips

U.S. Army Soldier helps on-line

Huertgen Forest: how NOT to fight a battle

The history of Mechanized Reconnaissance

The Cold War: we hold the line against communism

Korea, 1951-53: we fight as individual replacements

Combat actions in Korea

The U.S. Army prepares to meet the future, 1958-1965

Grenada 1983: turning point in the Cold War

Operation JUST CAUSE: the Airborne invasion of Panama

The Whirlwind War: The United States Army in Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM

M113 Soldier's Desert Storm photo album

U.S. Army Hall of Heroes: WWII to the Present

U.S. Army Hall of Heroes: WWII

U.S. Army Hall of Heroes: Civil War to WWI

U.S. Army Hall of Heroes: Pre-Civil War

U.S. Army "LDRSHIP" Core Values and Combat Leaders

"Official" U.S. Army Values web site

Army: risk averse Massengales or courageous Sam Damons?

The history of U.S. Army officer personnel management: why we are stuck in WWII

Linkage between stated values and results

Psychology of War: its NOT what you think!

The impact of weaponry on KILLING

The farther away you are, the easier to KILL

U.S. Army Virtual Museum

U.S. Army Rank insignia

U.S. Army Ribbons/Medals

Determining order for your Ribbons/Unit citations!: THE RACK BUILDER

U.S. Army Badges

ASVAB Test on-line help

Reservist Weekend Drill Pay and when on full-time duty

Our Soldiers

Our Paratroopers

Our Leaders: empowerment

Army Badge histories

Duties of an Army Corporal

Duties of an Army Sergeant

Duties of an Army Staff Sergeant

Duties of an Army SFC

Duties of an Army 1st Sergeant

Duties of an Army CSM

Specific MOS Army Career news

U.S. Army-Air Force Exchange System: uniform/gear on line!

History of U.S. Army enlisted insignia

Commander's Information Guide

Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center

Military experience college credits

NCOER improvements

Dial 1-800 number for lodging Army posts in the World

Military District of Washington D.C.

MOSs Enlisted and duties

MOS Enlisted (ASI) Additional Skill Identifier Codes

MOS Officers Specialty codes

National Guard Review: Modern Defense Journal online for military families

Soldier-Employer HELPS

Employer Support Guard/Reserve 1-800 366-4590

Nominate your boss to be rewarded


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