U.S. Army manuals ONLINE

The Future of War by SF General Downing

Defeating terrorism NOW

The TRUE Pattern of war?

Psychology of War: its NOT what you think!

The impact of weaponry on KILLING

The farther away you are, the easier to KILL

Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) Debate page: 250 articles on terrorism, homeland protection, Army transformation, and more

Chinese Military Power: the next nation-state bully

Wider War on Terrorism Watch with regular updates

Information or Misinformation war?

Bad digital war: don't over-rely on a computer screen!

Airstrikes/PGMs will not win wars, need true Airborne Warfare

Deployability is the FIRST Battlefield Operating System (BOS)

Depuy's AIRLAND Battle

1982: U.S. Army first to adopt Maneuver warfare

U.S. Army AIRLAND Battle doctrine

Is the day of the Paratrooper over?

U.S. Army an AIRBORNE Army

TechnoTactical level of war

Time spent in reconnaissance...

EZ war games to learn OpArt

Our TTP, their RPGs--MILES failure

Sword/Shield LZ defense

An Army too heavy loses in Afghanistan

Better Heavy/Light forces NOW

SMOKESCREENS win battles

11th ACR M113 Gavin Cavalry saves day in Vietnam!

ATV Dragoons Cavalry = new Strike force!

Strike Force = M113A3 Gavin tracked ACAVs

Light Bicycle Infantry (Airborne)

Operation DARK CLAW: airdrop of Paratroopers/HPVs

All-Terrain, All-purpose Carts (ATACs)

6 mph mobility for Combat, not sports fitness test

Air-delivered logistics

Future U.S. Airborne by Maj Kazmierski

British Paras jump at 250 feet under radar, AWAY from enemy defenses

Airborne Operations: German appraisal

Parachute Combat operations 1918-1945

Airborne light tanks 1930-1959, where are ours?

Russian Airborne Divisions: in their own words

Stan Crist's Force XXI U.S. Airborne

Gavin Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Armor wins wars in cities

Combat jump into Panama: Soldier's Load solutions

Winning city fights: siege engines not "3 block war" Mctalk

What went wrong in Chechnya?

Urban combat: strategic/op level

City battles: units

Urban combat History

Urban battle research engines

What good are ships in an AIRBORNE world?

Where are our IOWA class battleships?

Win or not win in Colombia?

M8 Armored Gun System needed

Battle victories prove light tanks

Nuclear Indo-Pakistani war?

There IS a military solution to Bosnia: WALLS

Light-itis: Men-against-fire

Heavy-itis: what's wrong with MECH infantry?

National Guard: don't make Bradley mistake! Mech-Infantry NOT armored infantry

Better AirAssault tactics

British Royal Marines: world's first Air Assault into Suez, 1956

Russians helicopter in tanks to win African war

No Cavalry maneuver in U.S. Army Armor branch tank-duelling mentality

Where is the U.S. Army's Cavalry?

The fix: AIRMECHanized Force XXI

AIR-MECH-STRIKE: revolution in maneuver warfare

AIRmotorized XXI: the first step?

Col. Hackworth's Guerrilla Battalion

New name for new weapons

ADA at JRTC help or hindrance?


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