10 x U.S. Army values spell L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P not 7

IDF warfighting doctrine/ethics: we should copy as-is and make our own

I choose to not be common

Sam Damon vs. Courtney Massengale?

General Hobart: Greatest Hero of Armored Forces

General George C. Kenney: innovator of Airborne forces

Gladiators or whiners?

Elect Gore go to war in Taiwan?

Why did Clinton/Gore want to put the Army on SUV tires?

Movie/Book Reviews by Sam Damon Jr.

Gen MacArthur: Duty, Honor, Country

America: empire destroyer

World gone mad?

We didn't start the FIRE!

Words of wisdom!

Y2K: what YOU must do

The reality of battle

Man: Killer Angel

What "peace dividend"?

The coming CHICOM evil

What's wrong with the U.S. military and how to fix it

False warriors and good 'ole days

USAF pgm/airstrike mentality will not defend America

Gulf War NOT won yet: air siege over Iraq

U.S. air siege of Iraq = 20s/30s British colonial air control attempt

Army stuck to roads: will it be massacred by 21st Century Zulus with RPGs?

Would Force XXI have won the Vietnam war?

What kind of LEADER are you? Take the online test here

Every Soldier must know the battlefield--HOW TO DO IT

Secret Weapon: digitize Soldiers/Units NOW

Auftragstaktik: revolution in U.S. Army Leadership bring U.S. victories

Auftragstaktik or micro-management?

Military reading: AIPD credits for Soldiers

REAL or parade-ground armies?

I am the Infantry-Follow me!

The forgotten U.S. Army Soldier?

U.S. Army better than it thinks

John Paul Vann saves Vietnam

Best Medal of Honor web site: get inspired

Mission orders or Zero defects?

LEADERSHIP not management: don't quit Why the Army officer management is stuck in a WWII mentality!

Revolution in Personnel Affairs needed!

No more officer/enlisted ranks!

Advice for Combat Leaders

Saving today's Private Ryan

Combat, not S&M Recruit Training

Combat AIT = Victory

Online EIB =Expert infantry

Combat Squad Leader Training Plan

Infantry Master Tacticians

Annual CTT/MBST replaced by TacQUEST

Enlisted Pilots, YES

Ethical Decisions: what would YOU do?

Illustrated Judaeo-Christian issue depictions

Have you ever met a "Holy Joe" in your unit?

On-line reading of ethical issues!

Blueprint for the New Army: everything a Strike Force

Defense and National Interest military Reform site

Army's wheeled mistake

Report behind Army transformation advocating wheeled armored cars fatally flawed?

Tracks or wheels, which would YOU fight in?

NATO Mobility study proves wheeled armored cars inferior to TRACKED AFVs in cross-country mobility

"Spin": Canadians call tracked M113s "TLAVs"-can't admit wheeled LAVs stink

New Phalanx book challenges Army transformation to be Air-Mech-Strike capable

AirMECHSTRIKE! slide show

Saving the Phalanx: Division BCTs not piecemeal BDEs

Why don't good men rise to the top?

No more support units!

POVs: #1 Soldier threat defeated

Why can't we get TA-50 right?

Combat jump into Panama: Soldier's Load solutions

Grenada, Airborne victory, Cold War turning point

SERE skills for every Soldier

Fixing U.S. Army Infantry AIT

Fayetteville or FayetteNAM?

AIRBORNE: "us" or "them?"

NCOs must pitch in

Today's battlefield

Riggers deserve our R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Real faith THINKS is not blind

Averting tragedies: TWA 800 and crash-worthy airliners

Why no parachutes on airliners?

U.S. Army taking names

Britain's Small Wars: excellent information here!

Navy/mc aviation wasting $BILLIONS$

Inchon: the truth about mobilization

Deja disaster: Lebanon 1958

Military vehicle art in a PC age?

Message for Gen-X/Y

What does HOOAH mean????


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