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1-508th ABCT


1-507th Airborne School

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All the world's combat jumps and Airborne operations, 1917-present (2001 updated)

Parachute operations 1918-1945

Airborne operations: a German appraisal

Soviet Airborne in WWII: dozens of successful jumps overlooked by historians

U.S. Army Airborne/Special Operations Test Board

V/STOL history in charts/pictures

Paratrooper coup de main

Early Russian Para webpage video clips! AWESOME!

French Paras jump into North Vietnam

Rhodesian Fire Force Parachute/helicopter tactics vs guerrillas

Los Banos: U.S. Army Paratroopers jump in, save 16 marine POWs and hundreds

Map of Los Banos Prison camp

Rangers jump into Grenada

Who controls low-level airspace, wins

Green Berets helicopter into Son Tay prison

Airborne Raids: Good, Bad and McUgly

Israeli Paratroopers: shield of freedom

African Airborne RDF needed to keep the peace

French Paratroops drop into Congo battle, 1997

Russian Airborne: combined-arms from the sky

LTC Hooker's Army Airborne 2010

Airborne M113A3 Gavin Strike Force

C-17 or V-22 which one has NEVER crashed?

Wing-In-Ground effect flying boats: America's strategic airlift solved, not V-22s

What if the enemy has no Air Force but ballistic missiles?

USAF airstrike mentality in NOT Airpower

Low-cost Close Air Support aircraft

Russian Air operations in Chechan war

AC-17 Spectre III: clearing the drop zone

M-279 Twin 40mm Grenade launcher: drop zone sweeper

A-10s operating with Army helos from forward air strips

Jumping UNDER radar

Avoiding Enemy Air Defenses: jump high

GPADS-Personnel: return of the Assault Glider to deliver armored vehicles!

Congress says unmanned aircraft now, what will the ARMY do?: RoboCobras?

Airdrop Army helicopters to the battlefield

Army after Chinook: CH-53X Compound helo

MH-2000X photos!

The next Hercules

The flying tank: Air/Land Vehicle

Ultralights in U.S. Army service?

What's wrong with the T-10C parachute?

New U.S. Army parachute for the 21st Century: ATPS

Making Airborne school better!

Jump safety or media hype?

Mass on the Drop Zone: better seating

Airdrop delivers a BDE in 30 minutes, airland 29 hours

Mobile CDS bundles-Airdrop PLS flatracks

Airdrop refugee camps by Civil Affairs Paratroopers

Faster Airlanding in the Assault Zone

MC-130J Combat Talon III: Airborne in, Airborne out!

Why no escape-rescue from U.S. military aircraft?

Fulton SKYhook: Russian ice station spy mission

Return of the Stealthy Glider

The Griffon: flying APC

Jetpacks for Special Forces

Rangers don't jump unarmored RSOV 4x4s?

What's wrong with the Jump manual and how to fix it

Simpler ruck lowering

Jumpable Medical rucksack

Loose "leg straps" or jump procedures?

Lessons from Crete: lower gear

Helmets fall off; a solution

Head, neck ready?

Helmets fall off: the answer

Faster Drop Zone exits!

Knee/elbows: pad them

LeapFEST '95: last hurray of the Hueys?

Rhode Island's LeapFEST 2000: Chinooks from the sky


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