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Airborne Javelin ATGMs

Is the 70-ton Heavy tank obsolete?

106mm RRs, not "pop guns" on combat vehicles

Light Infantry's last stand?

M113 Gavins in recent combat!

Airborne light tanks 1930-1959, where is ours?

Fiery death: wheeled LAVs?

New Russian Airborne-amphibious 125mm gun light tank

Another Army lie: Fiber-optic missiles cancelled; anything that helps Light Divisions is killed by heavy HQDA "mafia"

FIELDED not "future" Scout vehicles

PLS armored truck boxes: firepower for Light fighters

Anti-tank vehicles 1918-1970s

U.S. Army XM1117 wheeled Security Vehicle: 90mm gun to the rescue

AFVs towing trailers/pods: no logistical "tail"

Avenger HMMWVs fire 2.75" Hydra-70 rockets for Airborne shock action

AIR-MECH Korea: Ozelots save day with ADA

AGTMs: new name for new weapons

Javelin ATGM changes the battlefield forever

Carl Gustav 84mm RRs: Rangers only?

Mk-19 40mm AGL MADNESS

Gavin 120mm mortars: urban punch

Should we court-martial Audie Murphy?

MG tripod: spare barrel carry

MG ammo boxes not Rambo belts

Butt packs carry MMG belts sustained-firing

Rifle-Hand Grenades: pocket artillery

Return of Knee-mortars and launched grenades

Grenade Experts NOW!

Where has all the tear gas gone?

Making sense of Night Vision Weapons interfaces!

OICW: Space rifle or Hollywood toy?

The M16/M4 5.56mm family of weapons

M4/M16 carbine/rifle 30rd. magazine management in battle

Expert Riflemen TODAY using indoor 5.56mm ammo

Realistic close combat training using SIMUNITION non-lethal live ammo

Man-CART light mortars

LT Sparks warned HMMWVs vulnerable in PROCEEDINGS 4 years before Somalia debacle

Fixing HMMWVs and trucks: VICTORS not victims!

Somalia-type disaster warnings ignored

From a distance: Tripod Hellfire ATGMs

Ranger CQB pistols, anyone?

Lanyard dummy cords

The RIGHT to defend yourself with guns

Bayonets obsolete or key to victory?


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